• Lost in u

    Chanson du jour: outside de staind

            Some days are just so close of perfection that I don't want to wake up because I know it will fade away. Every little thing I do with u is more than my heart can stand. Holdind ur hand is already a priviledge. Do u know how proud I am to have u in my life?

            Can somebody wake me up? Or is it too late already? I'm losing my senses one by one. I can't speak exept of u, ur smell is everywhere on me, my eyes don't want to look at something else but u, ur voice is the only thing my ears can listen to, the only way to feel alive for my hands is to touch ur body. I'm changing again, I'm still myself but I'm two. You're everywhere inside me, feel like being u, feel like ur me. Will all of this stop u think? Will I wake up alone one day with the emptiness instead of u in my bed? I want the time to stop, I want to engrave ur face in my mind. Nothing but u, nothing but ur smile. People are talking to me but I don't really listen, I'm not there, living in a kind of dream, witness of my life. I'm trying to really live it but the more I'm trying to catch it, the more it's disappearing already...Would like to wake up every morning of my life in ur bed.

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