• Porque no puedes estar conmigo toda la semana? Dices que tienes de haber espacio pero si habio demasiado espacio, preferio estar sola. No quiero una amiga que es demasiado indenpenta porque no sé que passa en su cabeza i no sé que puede passar en mi corazon.


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  • An idea I have to knock at your door tonight
    See surprise and a smile on your face
    You would let me in
    And still don't believe it
    I would take your hand
    Then your face in my hands
    I would tell the words
    I always wanted to tell
    I don't want you to talk
    just listen, just read
    The words on those lips
    I want you to know
    Who you are for me
    The indescreptible feeling
    I have when I see your face
    This impression I'm floating
    Between ecstasy and fear
    I know now I'm not the only one
    Cuz I can see the answers in your eyes

    So you wouldn't speak
    Only nod
    Only smile
    And take me in your room
    Still listening
    You would kiss me
    I would tell you to tell me speak
    But you know already
    A mile in your eyes
    "just come to bed"
    I would feel myself burn again
    Think I've never loved before you
    Wonder how far this can possibly go
    Diving in your bed
    Diving in you
    I can't even think bout an end
    Keep on telling myself
    This is amazing
    This is what I always wanted

    Three months
    And I'm still falling
    Three months
    And I still want more
    We're appart and it's even stronger
    What have you done to make things like this?
    Don't wake me up, it feels so good up on my clouds

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  • Tell me I'm not what they think
    not what they show,
    Tell me I'm the one I think I am
    the one I want to be,

    Words are like going through my skin
    running through my veins
    Working on a painful
    and poisonous web
    Straight to the heart
    Straight to the brain

    I'm suffocating
    Losing the trust
    Looking for answers
    Feeling so low

    I can hurt too
    I can tell the words
    But revenge is not me
    No more silence
    Words will be clear
    Words will be tough

    I will behave insensitive
    Even if crying inside

    But please hon

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  • Dans mes craintes les plus profondes
    Dans mes colères les plus noires
    Dans mes envies d'ailleurs
    Dans mes envies d'encore

    Tu es là
    Toujours en moi

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  • Sur ma planète je contemple
    Tous ces gens autours
    Assis sur leurs propres lunes
    Ils s'imaginent proches et libres

    Aucun d'eux ne voient
    Le vide qui les separe
    L'infini solitude
    Que rien ne comblera

    J'aimerais les rejoindre
    Sentir la chaleur
    Des corps qui se mèlent
    Du sang dans les veines

    Mais je reste là
    Derrière ce mur de verre
    Si fragile mais si dur à franchir
    Coupable de mon propre exile

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