• A productive day

    daysong: rodeo, Zazie (new album, yeesssss!!!)


            Nice party yesterday, even if I was a bit too drunk like usual...I just love my friends. I guess I took something like 40 pics...Hum...Now I have a camera, nobody can hope not to appear on my pics :).I think I  hope that it thoses moments won't fade away if it's on a paper. Stupide but still. Strange but digital pics are simply not the same. Discussing music with Matt, religion with Daniel and sex with Alex and Malina.cool. Even if I feel really dead today, and even if I have on me this awfull cigarette's smell...

             Save that, I can quit focusing on your smile. I'm just totally and happily in love. See you when I wake up means a good day. 

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    Vendredi 26 Novembre 2004 à 18:24
    ZAZIEEEEEEEEEE!!!! a fond!!! (c t le commentaire inutil du jour mais pour zazie chui prete a passer pour une conne HU hu)
    Lost une translation
    Vendredi 26 Novembre 2004 à 20:29
    bcp de gout en commun looooool Gros becs :)
    Vendredi 26 Novembre 2004 à 22:24
    hu hu
    lool mci !!!
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