• Your bed

    A feeling I have
    Everytime you touch me
    That it's just not right
    I cannot sleep
    Lying in a pitch black
    In a bed full of ghosts
    Your bed

    I'm waiting in the dark
    For a sign from you
    Telling me it's still here
    I cannot sleep
    Soon you're asleep
    Now I dread
    Your bed

    Passion has flown away
    And something isn't right
    Emptiness is creeping in
    I cannot sleep
    We're like sisters
    Sharing the same bed
    Your bed

    I the morning you touch my face
    I'd like to say thoses words , but I won't
    Cuz if I tell, you will caress my hair
    And smile and have give me that damn look

    All I see in your eyes is tenderness
    It disgusts me
    I hate you sometimes,
    Cuz you don't seem to see

    That something just isn't right
    That something died in this bed
    Our bed

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