• Those hours without you

     Feel like empty, feel like crying...You left this morning and I'm terrified...I'd like you to be here, hear your voice, see your smile...I still can't believe what we have, what you give me, what I hope I can give you.You're still there somewhere in my head, somewhere in my skin, somewhere under, somewhere inside. I don't feel like going home and see them, cuz I know I'm not the same, this new me is totally distached from the rest. My former life is blurry now, all I can see, all my expectations are about you, about you and me...I'm trying not to think to much about a future, but I can't help it. The heart you gave me is like burning on my chest, I'd like it to go through my skin, straight to my frozen heart to warm it up...I don't want to spend my nights alone wondering what you can possibly do and feeling so lonely even with everybody around. And I'd like to share the pain but I don't think they can understand...Or maybe is it just in my head...All lovers think their lovestory has something unique...But still, there are our smiles, our looks, our bodies like mixing, like burning...You take such a big place inside...The most incredible thoughts are passing through my obsessed mind...Waking up everyday the same bed, with you wearing the same ring than me...Only two months but seems like ages...I wouldn't change a thing...

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