• Only cry

    What to say? In love but I cry, in love but I'm talking with u and not with her, the one I love!! Every night ur there, haunting me, fucking ghost. i hate myself, I hate u sometimes...I'd like to be perfect, like to be a newborn, but for sure I'm not...The dark is coming again, between light and darkness what should I take? the light for the happiness, the dark for the lust...I'm not as nice as I seem to be... I need to be bad, I need that pain inside somehow, so everytime I'm back to u...come and get me, take me with u again...In that pain, in that jealousy...Teach me how to be good cuz I don't know, teach me how to be simple, cuz I don't know...I'm my own shadow...Darkness suits me...Come and get me, yeah, come and get me..Don't want to be myself again...Nightmares coming back again...Both of u in my thoughts, ur hands, ur look, ur faces...I hate u but I feel alive...I don't need u, I refuse to tell myself that u made me who I am...I'd like to hurt u, I'd like u to feel the pain, but ur not, so it's myself that I hurt, so it's u that I hurt, for the pain I have inside...Why is it this way? Sometimes I really think that I can forget ur hands on me, ur smell, but ur still there...Somewhere in my head...But u wouldn't understand...Ur married now, ur life is so fucking perfect, whatever if u wasted mine, whatever if I cry alone at night...Damn I hate me...They told me about therapy, I'm my own therapy...Therapy by alcohol, therapy by hatred...One day u'll go away...

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