• Jule

           The perfect flatmate, funny, cute and easy to live with...Love to go out with her, to have all those silly conversation, especially 'bout sex!
    Love to go home with her after a good party totally wasted, both on our bikes, we fall most of the time, but still we manage to go home!

    Love ya babe!!

                                      Julianne Bernstein
    21, 20/11/1982

    Her song: The shadow of your smile by Carmen Cuesta Loab

    Her movie:  Bridget Jones Diary (she likes the British accent)

    Her book: SturmZeit by Charlotte Link

    Her cuisine: seafood

    her sentence: "I hope for the best and expect the worst"

    What she likes in Sweden: The countryside, she feels comfortable here, the language, live with me and Anna...

    What she hates in Sweden: everything is expensive (espacially the alcohol lol)

    Her best memory:having her sister here, when we go out together

    What she expects of her time here: to learn the language, to meet a lot of interesting people and stay in touch with them

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